Friday, February 22, 2008

Italian Noodles

These are one of my favorite things to make for a quick lunch or snack. A friend in high school made them one afternoon and I have loved them since. SOOOO easy and a great alternative to the usual "ramen" noodles. Work as a side dish, too!

as much SPAGHETTI NOODLES as you would like
ITALIAN DRESSING (even the generic ones are great, "zesty" is good too!)
grated PARMESAN CHEESE, to taste
pepper to taste

Boil water. Break dry noodles in half and add to water. Cook until al dente (usually 7 minutes or so). Drain, then put noodles back into pot. Pour a few tablespoons or so of dressing over noodles and toss, adding more if desired. Shake parmesan cheese over top and toss, add pepper to taste and more cheese if desired. SERVE WARM!!!!!